10 Most Haunted Hiking Trails Near San Francisco

Hiking in a spooky place can be a terror or a thrill. This is the decision you confront – hike on despite fear and the paranormal? On the other hand, should you turn around for the comfort of your own, well-known environment?


Your response to this questions decides your attitude as you start looking into haunted hiking trails close San Francisco. Will you put on a brave face for everyone around you? On the other hand, will you turn tail and run?


Confronting your fears can be a positive way, so these 10 most haunted hiking trails near San Francisco will give you a chance to rise above your fears, to encounter the paranormal and to live to tell the story.


Presidio Pet Cemetery, San Francisco


The Presidio is a nature conserve amidst the city with miles of coastal trails ideal for running and hiking.

Under a huge bridge, a crowd of tombstones at the Presidio Pet Cemetery makes a spooky ambiance. As the last resting place for pets throughout the years, their spirits doubtlessly drift nearby, prepared to haunt clueless hikers who stumble over their graves.


Buena Vista Park, San Francisco


This is San Francisco’s most established park, known for its huge scenery.


It incorporates a system of trails that make for good hiking, yet be careful the Gold Rush-era tombstones – spirits from the day and age may leave you with an unclear feeling of fear and uneasiness like you have stepped into the edge of somebody’s presence without their consent.


Niles Canyon, Fremont


In the mid-20s, a young lady fiercely died when thrown from her carriage in front of an approaching car. Rumor said she had been seen in a bloody, torn, white dress, lying in wait along the street, asking for a ride. She then “incidentally” drives them off the street into the canyon.

Hikers in Niles Canyon have also unable to be found after trying to help her, so be careful anybody asking for your assistance.


Stow Lake, San Francisco

Stow Lake, in Golden Gate Park, is an awesome spot for runners, hikers and families out for a walk or even a ride in a paddle boat.

It looks calm and quiet, yet behind the façade, it has a strange and mysterious history: during the 1800s, a lady’s baby fell into the lake. She jumped into the lake to save her child, however, both of them die by being underwater too long and unable to breathe.

Legend holds that a spooky picture of the lady look through the lake and asks people if they have seen her baby.


China Camp State Park, San Rafael


This camp built up in 1854 by Chinese gold mineworkers will affright everything out of you with its real ghost town.

As you hike through the town and the recreation center, think of the disagreement in 1956 between two Chinese American associations resulted in a battle among 2,500 persons with weapons.

Those murdered in the battle now frequent the place, restless for a home.


Monterey Bay, Monterey


In case you’re out for a hike along the shoreline of Monterey Bay, don’t be astounded on the off chance that you see a secretive, dinosaur-looking beast surface over the water and make sure to bring a your best dry bags for kayaking. Reports spread in the 1920s of this frightful animal, and nobody knows what paranormal clarification there may be.

Make the most of your hike here, however, be careful – a spine-shivering viewing may be practically around the corner.


Waterdog Lake, Belmont


On the off chance that you like to be haunted by gunshots, violence, and screams, take a hike close Waterdog Lake.

A young man strolled along these ways once and never come back forever.

Some say the ghost of Waterdog took him, and other people who have attempted to prove it have not returned. Local people say they hear screams and gunshots.

This ferocious lake is haunted. Enter at your own danger.


For additional scary or strange experience, take the Rambler hiking trail and you’ll see a derelict car that turned out to be a part of the trail. Crossing the bridge puts you on top of the car.


Moss Beach Distillery, Moss Beach


This little diner offers a horrifying ghost of the lady in a blue dress drenched in blood once or twice a year. She shows up dancing in vacant rooms or sitting on the piano, where she was said to be killed by her lover, the diner piano player, the mid-1900s.


The Distillery is right not far off from Half Moon Bay, where your hike will leave you prepared for a decent, spooky lunch.


In case you’re up for more hauntings, take the trail to the diner. You’ll go down a dull way surrounded by evil watching trees straight out of Sleepy Hollow.


Empire Mine Road, Antioch


This remote place gives a few haunted areas that will scare you deeply, on the off chance that you let them. Hike to the Gates of Hell for rumors of an old crazy asylum, haunted by tormented spirits and screaming.

An old railroad track tunnel takes in a strange atmosphere with bats and different cryptic elements, including disembodied voices.

An old butcher house just adds to the haunting, the intrigue, and the mystery.


Sutro Baths, San Francisco


These forgotten ruins toward the end of a shoreline make for an awesome day hike along the sea, yet for the stories of a young lady die under the water and swept out to the ocean.

Her ghost comes, grabs candles from guests and throws them into the sea.

Show no fear youthful souls sometimes come together in the ruins and call the young lady, welcoming her to come.

At the point when the haze comes in, changing the ruins into a fearsome wonderland, will you be there?


The San Francisco bay area is excellent, however with a positively spooky side.

The moving mist, the cold, the mystery, the different landscapes, and atmosphere all join for a mysterious effect, chilling, particularly when terrible weather comes in.

These 10 most haunted hiking trails near San Francisco, will bring you nearer than ever to the paranormal.