Hiking is really a great way to relax and leave your stress behind and getting back to nature. This 9 incredible short hiking trails in West Virginia that you can walk during your lunch hour and get away from it all.


Carpendale Trail

The Carpendale Trail may just be 0.8 miles, yet it’s overflowing with beauty. The trail includes the Potomac River between the town of Carpendale in West Virginia and Cumberland in Maryland. The wooden bridge that crosses the river is 386 feet long and leads a 1,500-foot tunnel.


County Line Trail

The wonderful County Line Trail is 4 miles in length. It goes from Waites Run to Gerhard Shelter. It keeps running along the West Virginia/Virginia borderline and offers astounding views.


Harpers Ferry Rail Trail

Harpers Ferry Rail with Trail Bridge crosses the Potomac River. This pedestrian walking bridge lets access between Harpers Ferry and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park. It as well connected with the Appalachian Trail.


Marion County Trail

Also called the MCT Trail, this trail runs of three miles along Prickett’s Creek. The trail’s main fascination is the 1,200 foot lit Meredith Tunnel.


Narrow Gage Trail

The Narrow Gage trail goes through the wonderful Babcock State Park. The trail is utilized by bikers and hikers and you can use the best camping hammock with you on this narrow trail. Yet in the event that you are not an expert cyclist you might need to hike this trail; it is a really tough ride on a bike.


Potts Valley Rail Trail

The Potts Valley Rail Trail was made on an abandoned part of the Norfolk and Western Branch rail line. The rail line was utilized as a part of the mid-1900s to iron ore and haul lumber. A large portion of the trail goes through the lovely George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.


Seneca Creek Trail


The lovely Seneca Creek trail is to be found in Spruce Knob. The five-mile trail will take you past waterfalls and a portion of the district’s best creek trout fishing.


Wellsburg Yankee Trail

The Yankee Trail in Wellsburg crosses the entire length of the small city. The trail is covered and keeps running into the Brooke Pioneer Trail, which is 7 miles in length.


Birds of prey Nest Rail Trail

The Hawks Nest Rail Trail is in the Hawks Nest State Park to be found close Ansted. The trail keeps running along Mill Creek which includes a quite a few waterfalls.


Each of these trails offers you the natural beauty of West Virginia. Grab your hiking shoes and backpack and hit a trail!